Saturday, May 19, 2007

Yervant and Joe Buissink.

I spent the day with two of the worlds top wedding photographers yesterday. (Along with about 50 other photographers).

The photo is of Yervant from Australia and Joe Buissink from USA.

It was really inspiring to experience their passion and enthusiasm and hear them talk about some of their different styles and techniques.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Dougal & Vicky's Wedding.

I had a great time at Dougal (Neil) and Vickys wedding recently. The weather was wet and windy unlike a number of unusually good weekends recently, so we did well to get some shots outside.

It was unusual to be told I could not stand at the back of the church to take a photograph during the entrance of the bride or the first hymn. The parish clerk told me it would be a distraction, and that I had to go to the front of the church and take pictures of the vows.

I did pause for a little rest "on my way to the front of the church" during the first hymn, and somehow managed to get one picture. As I was well behind everyones back and they were all singing a hymn I am confident I caused no distraction.

Dougals shoes were interesting.

And so was the response of the parish clerk when I took this photo!

Thanks to an old friend.

I have had a few "odd jobs" recently which have appeared through all sorts of contacts and connections. It was a pleasant surprise to hear from a friend from 20+ years ago. Mike Smith had been interviewed for a Norwegian Nursing Magazine who wanted some photographs taken in the Southampton area. So I got a call out of the blue and ended up at the NHS Direct national call centre meeting a Norwegian journalist to take some photographs.
Thanks for the contact Mike.